JBVL Club Tournament Series 2017


The Junior Beach Volleyball League provides intense competition and an alternative to the usual tournament series on the beach. Clubs should sign up for their players and teams. Direct player registration is not allowed.


2018 will be our third year of club driven events, our objective is to provide an opportunity for beach volleyball club players to participate in an organized schedule of events during the beach club winter/spring season in a similar manner as indoor teams have.


The season will be from January through early June (8 events) – with a separate championship event in June. Tournaments will be held on weekends in Orange and LA counties.


Different divisions within the series allow teams of equal strength to compete against one another, as well as move up and down divisions.


Events will be pool play followed by single elimination playoffs

  • Teams will be seeded in the beginning of the season (January) based on club recommendation and previous level of play
  • There will be 5 divisions (1-5) for High School aged players
  • There will be 3 divisions for 14u and 12u
  • Events will be subject to reschedule and relocation due to inclement weather
  • There will be no limit to teams per club – unless venue space is limited


Divisions and Format:

Division 1 and 2 will be in the same pools, as will 3/4. 5 will be separate.


  • Top two teams in pool advance to gold bracket playoff
  • Bottom two to silver
  • Top ½ teams in Gold are top seeds in next tournament. Bottom ½ in silver move down
  • Lower ½ of Gold and Top ½ of Silver stay in division



Club Registration Covers:

• Covers permit fees, prizes, equipment, insurance and back office work.

• Clubs may join for multiple/single events at $100 per event.


Team Registration:

Each club director will receive an email providing them access to the club team sign up page. Your club director must sign up your team.



Teams are comprised of players from a beach club. Teams are encouraged to remain the same for the season – teams will receive individual points for ranking. Teammates may switch partners in season, but will be seeded based on their combined points.


  • Teams are not required to play every event – but are strongly encouraged to.
  • The Top 2 teams in Division 1 based on points at end of season will receive a free entry into championship.



Players will be required to wear matching tops or shirts with club name. We strongly recommend tops with names and numbers.


Cancellation/Lightning/Severe Weather Policy:


There will be no cancellations prior to the day of the tournament. At 6 am the day of tournament, if dangerous/hazardous weather exists an email will be sent out with instructions to everyone.


Play will be suspended if thunder is heard or there is a lightning strike within visual range of the tournament.


The tournament will not be canceled due to rain.


The Series will be sponsored by Spalding, Queen of the Beach, Kauai Bikini, Breakwater, and Hint water.

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